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How to Buy on GM Softair

1. F.A.Q.

2. Helpful Information About Purchasing

3. Payments

4. Recess, Warranty and Assistance

5. Privacy

1. F.A.Q.


Online order through e-commerce site www.gm-softair.com

To be able to buy, you need to register yourself! Registation requires only 1 minute!

All prices on our website are inclusive of taxes provided by law.

All products (in the online catalog) where there is the shopping cart (marked "available" in green), are physically available in the store (and so to be purchased). When the shopping cart disappears (marked "finished" in red) means that the item is out of stock and waiting for our supplying (not purchased and / or booked). The website is updated in real time! We cannot say the restock time of finished product.

When you place an order, this is final and can not be changed. You will receive the goods within the time limits by the shipper.

When you place an order, the system will send email to update the status.

NOTE: we cannot add products to previous order. You have to made a new order, it’s not possible any integration!

So, please check very well the sending of the order to us. GM Softair will not be liable for your errors. Additional cost caused by errors in the order, will be charged to the customers.

To cancel an order, send an email immediately to inform us and strictly indicating the number of the order to be canceled (before it  is shipped).

Are considered view and accepted all noticed listed in paragraph: 1.1 – 1.2 – 1.3 – 1.4


You can pay your order with:

• With Bank Transfer

• With Paypal

NOTE: Your order starts when we view credit on our account.

You will not pay until our written confirmation by email.


Shipping by express San Marino postal service.

The shipping cost is not calculated from the website.

We will send you an email with the quotation.

You wait for our email before paying.

NOTE: the delivery is made without notice during the working hours (office hours), so be sure to specify an address with people available to pick up the good. You can not choose the time of delivery!

Delivery times may vary from 3 to 5 working days (excluding holidays).

1.4 NOTE:

Please correctly compile your personal data and orders (Name, Surname, Tax Code, Street, Zip, City) to prevent problems.

We do not reply to questions whose answer is contained in the FAQ.

We invite all our customers to check the website before contacting us, since all the items contain detailed descriptions (descriptions and images may differ or change without notice).

Store Opening Times: Monday to Saturday from 9:15 to 12:30 and from 14:15 to 19:00. Close on Sundays.

Following other important information on how to buy on our web-site.

Following all the information about services, warranty and withdrawal right.

For more information, please fill in the form "contact us" or call Tel / Fax +39 0549 909451

2. Helpful Information About Purchasing

It is possible  to order the products on this virtual store through the virtual shopping cart. Making shopping are simple.

The catalog will display a list of products with a series of associated information for each one.

For more information on the article just click on the title and gain access to the product (the photos and descriptions are subject to change without notice).

The "Add to Cart" button below the product is the tool that allows you to choose the product that interests you and add it to your shopping cart (in the amount you want). By clicking "Add to Cart" not really you purchase the product; it's like being at the supermarket and pick up a product from the shelf to put it in the basket. Only after passing the cash desk you purchase and pay; before you can always put the product back on the shelf and go out without having bought anything. The same thing happens in GM SoftAir. This happens in most virtual stores on the Internet.

It is possible to view the contents of the shopping cart at any time by clicking on the icon in the upper right showing a shopping cart.

The shopping cart page displays all items you have chosen untill that moment; there are no limits to the number of products that the cart can contain. From here you can continue in the buying process, change quantities or cancel all operations.

Continuing in the purchase process you will be asked to compile one or more electronic modules with a set of informations regarding buyer and the receiver of the goods (for example receiver different from those who create the order) and choose a payment method betwin those proposed by us; Finally click on "Buy" order is confirmed and sent to our warehouse.

The total final cost indicated will be not inclusive of shipping costs. We send you an email with the amount including shipping charges. Before finally sending the order please double check the details. This information is extremely important, so that couriers can successfully do their jobs:

1. Enter the correct name of the person receiving the goods (First and Last Name)
2. Enter the correct destination address (street, post code, city, province) and optionally specify whether it is a busyness
3. Enter your correct telephone number (preferably mobile)


The accuracy of the data entered is vital, otherwise the goods do not arrive at your destination!

Lastly, the shipping service will be managed by San Marino's postal service.

Whenever possible, you will receive the tracking code.

Delivery times may vary from 3 to 5 working days.

You remember that order management is generally longer than normal national shipping.

3. Payments

How can I pay for purchases on www.gm-softair.com?
During the steps of the order you can choose the payment method most comfortable for you. Payment must be made in one of the following ways:

- Bank Transfer
The amount must be paid by international bank transfer on bank account.

To pay, we will send you an email with all the details.

Wait absolutely our e-mail for authorization with bank account details, before making the payment by bank transfer!

A copy of the bank receipt must then be sent (via fax or e-mail) to the contact details previously provided.

- Payments with Paypal

You will pay directly from your paypal control panel.

You can only pay after our confirmation email.


NOTE: or any payment chosen, you wait our email. Our email will contain the total value, including shipping costs.

You remember that order management is generally longer than normal national shipping.

4. Recess, warranty and assistance

GM-Softair SRL does not assume any responsibility for inefficiency due to force majeure which accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods, and other events that could hinder, in whole or in part, to  give the sales agreement execution within the agreed time. Our company will not be liable to any party for any damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure of the execution of sales for the reasons mentioned above.

In the event that the conclusion of a purchase contract takes place outside the commercial premises, the sales areas must be considered subject to Directive 85/577 CEE, which provides the opportunity for the purchaser to exercise the right of withdrawal.

Are included in this case also purchases via the Internet, but only regarding the end user, thus excluding authorized retailers and businesses. The customer has the right to back off the purchase contract within 8 days after receiving the goods (in case of online purchases is authentic the web order, which is a historical document). In case of return you must promptly notify GM-Softair who will authorize the re-entry operation.

The customer will, at his own expense (the shipments are to be considered again charged to the customer), to send the goods at the headquarters of GM-Softair SRL - Via Guardia di Rocca 13-47899 Serravalle (Galazzano) - RSM, ensuring to carefully pack the goods, preserving the status of of the material, the accessories and the original packaging.

If even one of these factors is not respected, GM-Softair will not be considered further obligation to repay the amount, but will reserve the right to examine the goods as used product. If the returned goods would respect all the required parameters, GM-Softair will return the full amount (excluding transport costs) or, if the customer decides, can discount the value of a next new order.

The products purchased by GM-Softair SRL enjoy  2 year warranty period. It’s crucial to keep the ticket of purchase; in the case of online purchase will prevail the order, which remains indelible as a historian.


1. The Seller guarantees the absence of defects in material and workmanship of the product, within the manufacturing tolerances. Unless other written indications such a guarantee cannot, in any circumstances, be suspended or extended as a result of the lack of use of the product by the customer. No other warranty is given by the Seller to the customer, who expressly waives any further form of legal or conventional warranty, implied or expressed.

2. Upon delivery, the customer will be required to consider the good condition of the product. Also making sure that there are no visible defects, it must notify the Seller within eight days their disputes. After that period, the product is considered unconditionally accepted by the customer and renounce the same to contest any of the product defect. Any hidden defects must be reported within 8 days of discovery, with the same conditions as obvious defects.

3. In case of detection of defects and timely communication of the same by the Customer, the Seller will, in the normal time frame, verify them and, without appeal, repair and / or free replace of the product or parts of it recognized as defective, or refund of the price paid by the customer in relation to the defective product. If they are not detected defects, evident or hidden, the Seller reserves the right to charge the costs of testing, inspection and shipment to the customer. In any case the return of the goods in our warehouses will always be charged to the customer.

4. No other form of guarantee and / or compensation may be claimed by the customer. It is expressly excluded any liability of the Seller for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential damages that may result from defects and / or failure of the product, which should therefore, in the extent permitted by law, intended expressly waived by the client.

5. The Seller does not cover damage caused by the incorrect use of the product by the customer. They are also to be excluded from the warranty coverage all those parts subject to wear and / or mechanical parts ready for assembly that has not been installed directly by the Seller on the product.

If you send out to the Seller a product that appears to have been opened, repaired, tampered with the original damaged packaging or absence of original accessories, all warranty terms are to be considered fallen. In that case it will proceed to repair as normal technical support.

ATTENTION PLEASE: The airsoft instruments (ASG or electric guns) are delicate products that by their nature and / or manufacture require special attention and maintenance.

The mechanical parts such as gears and pistons are subject to wear and therefore it is not possible to ensure their durability. In addition, airsoft means are sensitive to the use of the user (especially the Low Cost production), so you should carefully follow the instructions provided by the staff of GM-Softair, in order to avoid breakage and / or premature failure not due to manufacturing defects.

5. Privacy

Data Confidentiality
Pursuant to and by effects of the Law May 23 1995 art: 8, No. 70, promulgated by the Capitani Reggenti of Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino in the field of personal data protection, we inform you that the data provided at the time of signing the purchase order will be used only to fulfill the order and to keep you updated, if you wish, about news, promotions, competitions and our activities in general. You are entitled to request deletion or correction of the data in our possession.

Information Request
For any information regarding the order, products, order status, to the site navigation and anything else you can contact us at E-mail: info@gm-softair.com or by phone or fax to the number of phone and fax 0549 909451.

Major Force
In any case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, we will not be responsible for any delay or failure to deliver the product and we will have the right to terminate all or part of the contract or suspend or postpone the execution.

Below you will find all the information regarding the law on privacy and the processing of protected data and related purposes.

  1. Data processing: the processing of data by GmSoftAir consists in the collection and preservation of data regarding   third parties.
  2. Method of treatment: The treatment of information by GmSoftAir may take place both in an automated and non-automated way. GmSoftAir may change, during the time, on his own initiative alone, the methods of data processing and therefore invites visitors to check this information regularly.
  3. Responsible and appointee of data processing: GmSoftAir has appointed its own controller, which can be contacted by e-mail to the following address: Data Processing Manager: info@gm-softair.com
  4. Data Collection: Data are collected by GmSoftAir based on information it receives from visitors to the site and who have given their consent. Your data will be provided by the visitor to GmSoftAir order to obtain the following services: information requests about GmSoftAir; correspondence by e-mail; requests to receive information regarding specific initiatives or general information.
  5. Purpose of collection and processing of data: the collection and processing of data will be carried out by GmSoftAir in order to give the  visitors to information and promotional services.
  6. Exclusion of transmission to third parties: the data for which the visitor has given consent to the treatment will not be by GmSoftAir made available to any categories that should be indicated before the release.
  7. Rights of the visitor to oppose the processing of their data: the visitor will have the rights that are assigned by law 675/96, including: oppose the processing of data and their utilization to commercial or advertising or market research; to obtain information about their data; to make him carry out the deletion, correction; updating, access to the registers of the Guarantor.

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